You are accessing a U.S. Government information system, which includes (1) this computer or device used to enable access to the government network, (2) this government network, (3) all computers or devices, virtual or otherwise, connected to this government network, and (4) all devices and storage media attached to this government network or to a computer or device on this government network. This information system is provided for U.S. Government-authorized use only.

Unauthorized or improper use or access of this system may result in disciplinary action, as well as civil and criminal penalties.

By using this information system, you understand and consent to the following:

  • You have no reasonable expectation of privacy when you use this information system. This includes any communications or data transiting, stored on, originated from, or directed to this information system.
  • At any time, and for any lawful government purpose, the government may monitor, intercept, search and seize any communication or data transiting, stored on, originated from, or directed to or from this information system.
  • The government may disclose or use any communications or data transiting, stored on, originated from, or directed to or from this information system for any lawful government purpose.
  • You are NOT authorized to process classified information on this information system.


Contact Tracing Privacy Act Statement
Pursuant to 5 U.S.C. § 552a(e)(3), this Privacy Act Statement serves to inform you of why DHS is requesting the information that will be collected by this information system.

AUTHORITY: DHS is authorized to collect the information to be requested by this system pursuant to 5 U.S.C. § 1104 - Delegation of Authority for Personnel Management.

PURPOSE: DHS will be collecting the information for the purpose of assisting users with appropriate career path objectives based on the user’s job series and self- ranked competency levels. Users will also be provided with a list of recommended training designed to close any identified gaps based on where they have defined themselves in their career path progression.

ROUTINE USES: The information will not be shared externally or with any third parties. Further, no personally identifiable information will be shared with anyone other than system administrators for account management purposes. A complete list of routine uses for the information this system will collect can be found in the system of records notice associated with the system “Office of Personnel Management/GOVT-1 – General Personnel Records” and “Department of Homeland Security/ALL-003 – Department of Homeland Security General Training Records.” The Department’s full list of system of records notices can be found on the Department's website at http://www.dhs.gov/system-records-notices-sorns.

CONSEQUENCES OF FAILURE TO PROVIDE INFORMATION: Providing information via this system is completely voluntary and failure to provide will have no impact on an employee’s performance evaluation or ability to advance.

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